My 5 Favourite Dark Blue Paint Colours by Sherwin Williams

Hi Everyone!
Thanks for checking out my blog.  Today I wanted to share with you 5 of my favourite dark blue paint colours.  The colours I will be sharing are Sherwin Williams paint colours as those are the colours I generally work with on consultations.  Dark blues or dark blue/grays continue to be a client favourite whether I am choosing paint colours for the interior or exterior.  
There are so many different ways to incorporate these luxurious paint colours into your home - a feature wall, an all over colour or doors are just a few examples.
The colour blue represents trust, honesty and loyalty and in the world of colour, I truly believe, it is a timeless classic.  Another reason I love working with these darker blues is there almost no limit to what other colours can be paired with them.

Outerspace SW 6251
Outerspace by Sherwin Williams is a paint colour I've worked with many, many times on both interiors and exteriors.  This is a popular colour as it's a dark blue with lots of gray in it.  As I mentioned earlier all the blues I will be talking about today are considered darker colours.  The LRV for Outerspace is 12.  If you are unfamiliar with LRV (light reflective value), it simply refers to how much light it reflects back in the room - the higher the number the more light it reflects.  The undertone of Outerspace is blue so you probably won't see any colours in this other then blue and gray.  In the bedroom below we used Outerspace on the wall behind the bed and Maison Blanche SW 7526 on the rest of the walls.  

Slate Tile SW 7624
Slate Tile is another beautiful dark blue with a good amount of gray in it as well.  With both Outerspace and Slate Tile, even though there is a lot of gray in these colours, they will read as a blue when you put them on your walls or on the exterior of your home.  The LRV for Slate Tile is 15 and has a slight green undertone.  As I mentioned earlier I love when these dark colours are used on all the walls, whether it's an office or a powder room.  I think these dark colours can give a room so much drama - you just need to ensure you have enough lighting in the room, whether natural or otherwise.  Slate Tile is a beautiful colour to incorporate onto cabinets as shown below.

Naval SW 6244
Of course I couldn't do this blog without Naval πŸ˜€, not only is this Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year for 2020 but it's one of my favourite navy blue paint colours.  This colour is great if you are looking for a straight up navy blue - you won't find any gray in this paint colour.  The LRV for Naval
is 4 and it does have a slight green undertone.  If you've read any of my past blogs you'll know that I'm a big fan of painting interior doors a colour other then white.  We recently built our home and after just a year of living in it, I decided I needed my painted doors again - so my very handy husband painted all our doors Naval.

Web Gray SW 7075
One day I got a cryptic note from my Mom asking me for a dark gray paint colour with a blue undertone.  Once I got a little more information 😏 that's when Web Gray started becoming one of my go to dark blue/gray paint colours both inside and out.   As I mentioned earlier Web Gray would be considered a gray paint colour with a blue undertone - so you are definitely going to see blue in this colour but not as much as you would with Outerspace or Slate Tile.  It has an LRV of 13 and as I mentioned a blue undertone.  As we all see colour differently some of you may see Web Gray as a dark blue paint colour and others as a gray.  I've recently done an exterior in Web Gray and I think it turned out great - so do the homeowners πŸ‘.

Needlepoint Navy SW 0032
And last but by no means least is Needlepoint Navy.  The LRV for Needlepoint is 13 and it has a green undertone - it also has some gray in it as well (although not as much as Outerspace).  You may have noticed that my favourite dark blue colours have either a blue or green undertone.  I generally stay away from blues that have a red undertone as they can tend to look purple in some lights.  And while purple is not a bad colour 😊 it's not the colour we are going for in this blog.

There are so many beautiful options if you are looking for a dark blues but the five in this blog are definitely some of my go to favourites.  Do you have a favourite  dark blue?  Let me know - I'd love to hear it!

Have a Colourful Day


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