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Thanks for checking out my blog today.  I recently had the opportunity to be featured in an Redfin article about choosing exterior paint colors and of course 😀 I wrote about one of my favourite things, painted doors!  Whether it's interior or exterior I love a door that's painted a color other then white.  Today I thought it would be fun, with spring hopefully just around the corner, to talk about painting your exterior door.

Painting your exterior door is a quick and inexpensive way to instantly add curb appeal to your home.  If you are painting your front door please PLEASE ensure you also paint the hinged side of the door.  It's a pet peeve of mine 😆 when I see a painted front door and a white strip on the side (hinged side).  There are so many different routes you can go with color.  You can go with a timeless choice such as red, black or navy blue or if you want to inject your personality with a fun pop of color the sky's the limit.  Today I'll show you some of my favourite color options and give you some quick tips for painting your front door.  Some of these front doors aren't ones I've done but I'll ensure I share all the paint color names with you.

Blue Front Doors

Is blue for you?😊  A blue front door is always a client favourite and an easy color to live with on your exterior.  Here are a few of my favourite blue front doors that I've done recently.  The colors we used were Moody Blue SW 6221, Naval SW 6244 and Slate Tile SW 7624 (names of paint in same order as pictures).

Black Front Doors

A black front door gives a dramatic, elegant and timeless look to your home.  I would be careful about using black (or any dark color) on your front door if it's set back quite a ways as it can almost give the appearance of a black hole.  Black is a great option to carry onto the inside of your exterior door as well.  One of my go to favourite black paint colors from Sherwin Williams is Tricorn Black SW 6258.

There are so many options when painting your front door - you can include the sidelights beside the door - or not, you can include the trim - or not.  It's really a personal preference and as it's your home I'm not going to tell you one way is better than another and each situation is also unique to the home itself.

Red Front Doors

As with black, I would consider red to be a timeless and classic color choice.  Your front door should make a statement so try not to use a color on your front door that already exists on your exterior. It is nice though if you can tie it into your landscaping or if you bring pots or chairs with the same color onto your front porch.   For the next picture my client choose Sun Dried Tomato SW 7585 and in this case we left the trim around the door white so it would stand out more and it ties into the existing trim. 

Black, blue and red are what I would consider more classic colors now onto some fun pop of color that allow you to show a bit more of your personality.

Orange Front Doors

Now when I use the words "orange front door" you may think that it would be too bold a color choice for you, but there are definitely some more subdued orange colors to choose from.  I think this next picture is a perfect example of that situation.

Yellow Front Doors

Yellow front doors are a popular color choice.  A yellow door looks great in many situations, whether you have a blue or gray exterior or even a white exterior can look great with a yellow door.  The color they used in this next picture is Classical Yellow SW 2865 which is a great option that doesn't read too bright or too subdued.

Green Front Doors

To be honest I don't see many green front doors in our part of the country and I'm not sure why - there seems to be a love/hate relationship with green but as I'm such a fan I thought I would share an option with you!  This next photo is Hunt Club by Sherwin Williams - it's a beautiful, dark and rich emerald green.

Purple Front Door

Would you consider updating your front door to a beautiful shade of purple?  In my opinion a stunning dark purple is the cousin to a black door.  A purple door can still be very dramatic but shows you like to have fun with your colors.   There are many different shades of purple - you can go from a deep, dark plum color to a pastel shade of purple.  This next picture is Majestic Purple by Sherwin Williams.

Teal Front Doors

When I use the color teal it means different colors to different people.  "Technically" teal is a blue-green so it leans more blue than green but regardless of the technicality 😊 of it all, Teal is a beautiful color choice for a front door.  Behr's color of the year for 2019 called Blueprint would be a great option for a front door color. 


I honestly could go on and on 😏 about different colors to use on your front door as their are so many great choices but hopefully I've inspired you to consider painting your front door this year.  If you would like help choosing a color for your front door or your exterior I'd love to help you out with an online consultation.

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