Exterior Paint Colour Makeover

Thanks for checking out my blog today - it's going to be a short one but well worth checking out.  Can you believe summer is almost over already!?  It's been a busy season for exterior color consultations (both online and onsite) and I wanted to share just one of my favourite color transformations from this year.   

When I initially got to my client's home for the consultation - truth be told - they wasn't even sure if they wanted to change the color.  Their home is a beautiful craftsman, in Calgary, that is over 100 years old.  The owners knew it needed to be painted but weren't sure if they were ready to change the color.  While it was a beautiful home I knew that a color change would could really bring it to a whole other level.  They had recently changed the stone on the home and my thoughts were that a darker, richer color would really pull it altogether.  Here is what it looked like before the paint color makeover.


After spending some time with the homeowners and showing them different color options, they started to get excited about the thought of changing the yellow to something else.  In the end we agreed on Mediterranean by Sherwin Williams.  When I use the term "we" it really is a collaborative process between my clients and myself.  I firmly believe that it's important to listen to the homeowners when doing a consultation.  If you scroll to the end of the blog I will provide the complete color palette we used for this home.  Here are just a few of the after pictures.  



I think the color we used was a great choice to honor the style of the home  I know my clients are very happy with the change and are very glad they came to the decision to change the color.  As promised here is the complete color palette we used on this home.

Thanks for checking out my blog and Have a Colorful Day!


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