My Favourite Blue Paint Colors

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Thanks for checking out my blog! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite blue paint colors.  I could probably blog about the color blue on a monthly basis (but I won't 😊) as I keeping finding another favourite blue.  When doing consultations, blue continues to be a favourite color choice whether it's for walls, doors, exteriors etc. - and I'm right there with you loving blue!  Blue is a timeless and sophisticated addition to any space - when you are looking for a calming and relaxing color blue naturally comes to mind. 
As I generally do my consultations with Sherwin Williams 
colors - those are the ones I will be sharing with you today.  My favourite blues are more mid to darker toned blue and some of them have a healthy amount of gray in them.  Scroll through for just a few of my favourites and hopefully they won't leave you feeling blue.πŸ’™

Debonair SW 9139

Debonair has an LRV of of 34 (just a reminder LRV refers to Light Reflective Value, the higher the more light it reflects back into the room).  With an LRV of 34 Debonair would be more of a mid to darker tone paint color.  Debonair has a healthy amount of gray, so it's a very livable blue, and has slight green undertone.  I mention undertone only so you know it's there but depending on your lighting, both natural and interior you may or may not even notice it.  Which reminds me 😊, I want to do a blog soon on interior lighting as it can have such a big impact on how your colors look on the wall.

Uncertain Gray SW 6234

As the name says Uncertain Gray is a gray paint color but because it has such a strong blue undertone, once you paint a larger surface it will read probably as a blue paint color.  Helpful tip *if you are looking for a blue paint color go to the gray section of the paint chips and choose a gray with a blue undertone for a very livable blue.  Uncertain Gray has an LRV of 43 so it would be considered a mid tone color.  

Slate Tile SW 7624

Slate Tile is a beautiful blue paint color with a green undertone and a healthy amount of gray in it as well.  I'm going to digress here for a minute 😏 to talk about undertone.  You may often hear that gray being an undertone when in fact it's not - there are only four undertones - yellow, blue, green and red.  Slate Tile has an LRV of 15 so this would be considered a darker color. 

Waterloo SW 9141

Waterloo is quickly becoming a new favourite dark blue paint color for me.  It also has a VERY slight green undertone and an LRV of 13 so again is a darker color.  My client below was brave enough to use this color throughout her whole bedroom and she is over the moon with the new look.

If you have a favourite blue paint color let me know in the comments.  If you would like help choosing new paint colors for your home - check out my online consultations, I'd love to hear from you!
Have a Colorful Day!


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