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Hi Everyone
Thanks for checking out my blog!  Can you believe we are into November already?!?  Although here in Calgary we’ve already had quite a few cold and snowy days so I feel like it’s going to be a very long winter. 😒 
As I mentioned in my previous blog there are so many paint colours that I have loved working with over the years, so I decided to start sharing those colours with you. Every month I will share a different paint colour and how that colour can be used in your home. I will also provide colour options that work well with my feature paint colour. As I generally work with a Sherwin Williams colour palette those are the colours I will be sharing with you. 
The paint colour I wanted to share with you this month was a no brainer for me 😏.  It’s the colour Sherwin Williams announced as their 2020 Colour of the Year and a favourite of mine that I have used in several spaces.  The paint colour I wanted to talk to you about the month is none other than a gorgeous navy blue otherwise known as NAVAL SW 6244.

Naval reminds me of my favourite pair of jeans – it goes with almost anything and makes anything you wear with it look that much better.  I read an interesting fact about the colour blue the other day.  Blue is often used to decorate offices because research has shown that people are more productive in blue room.  If you have a blue office, please let me know if that’s true.😊 


Naval has a LRV (light reflective value) of 4 so as you can imagine it’s quite a dark colour.  If you aren’t familiar with LRV it’s an important factor to consider when choosing a paint colour.  LRV refers to how much light that colour reflects back into a room - black would be considered 0 LRV and pure white would have an LRV of 100.  I’ve used Naval in several spaces and while it has a low LRV it definitely reads as a navy blue and not a black.  It has a green undertone which makes it a great partner with any of the greiges.  Don’t worry though, it does not read as a green – it’s straight up navy!


Naval is a paint colour that you could use in so many different ways.  I’ve used it as an accent or feature colour but it would definitely work beautifully as a door colour (in fact we are in the process of painting all our interior doors with Naval).  It would also be a great choice for an island colour or even an all over colour for a powder room.  


This next picture is our home that we built a couple years ago.  I used a navy blue on the front door (not Naval as we had to use Cloverdale paints but it's oh so close).  Which reminds me I still have to paint the white trim around the window on the door 😮.  The builders refused to do it and it still bothers me as there is no other white on the exterior so it relates to absolutely nothing!  I guess that's another painting project for next year.  But I digress.........

Because Naval is such a dark colour, depending on the paint you use, you may need 3 coats or to make things easier you could prime with a tinted primer and then probably only 2 coats of paint would be required. 
As I mentioned earlier because of its green undertone it partners with greiges but would also pair nicely with gray or beige.  In my humble opinion 😊 navy blue works beautifully with so many colours.  It’s one of those timeless colours that will never read as dated.   Some of my personal favourite colours to pair navy blue with are dark or sage green, coral, and yellow.  Imagine a dark blue house with a yellow front door (or don't image I'll show you). 


This is one of my favourite views in our home as you can see the navy blue against the darker greens (unfortunately it was a dark and gloomy day when I took this photo - but that's all we seem to be having lately).
As I mentioned earlier there are so many colours that work well with Naval (or navy blue in general) but here are just a few of my suggestions.

One thing I wanted to mention that I don’t think I did in my previous blog is when adding a pop of colour to your home, ensure you bring that colour into your space in at least one other application.  It can be with paint or it can also be with accents such as pillows, throws etc.  If not it will seem kind of random that the colour exists in that space.  I’ve seen a beautiful navy blue on an island but then that colour doesn’t exist anywhere else in the space - it needs a friend!  There are many beautiful navy blue paint colours but I wanted to feature Naval as that is one of my go to navy blues.
Have you or would you use navy blue in your home?  

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Have a Colourful Day!


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