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Hi Everyone
Thanks for checking out my blog!  Hard to believe we are already into the busiest month of the year!  The holiday season is just around the corner and I still have oh so much to do yet.  Are you one of those that like to get their Christmas shopping done early or do you leave it as late as possible? ✋  I just find with all the birthday gift shopping we do it's next to impossible to get a head start on Christmas.
As I mentioned in my previous blog there are so many paint colours that I have loved working with over the years, so I decided to start sharing those colours with you. Every month I will share a different paint colour and how that colour can be used in your home. I will also provide colour options that work well with my feature paint colour. As I generally work with a Sherwin Williams colour palette those are the colours I will be sharing with you. 
The colour I chose to feature this month is a bit of a risk. 😓  It's a colour I've used personally but  also a colour that is back on trend in home decor.  Because we are in the Christmas season the feature colour for the month of December is Isle of Pines SW 6461.

Like I said it's a bit of a risk as I know some of you will love it and others will say NO WAY! For those of us that are old enough to remember, this colour was popular back in the 90's and was known as hunter or forest green.  As the saying goes - what goes around always seems to come back again (whoever thought that macrame would be so popular again).  Generally when it comes back around again it's in a more updated application (as I don't think any of us would like to see those harvest gold appliances again). 😆  And for those of you young enough who don't remember them - you aren't missing anything!
Now back to my feature colour Isle of Pines.  This colour has a LRV of 8 so it's definitely a darker colour.  If you aren’t familiar with LRV it’s an important factor to consider when choosing a paint colour.  LRV refers to how much light that colour reflects back into a room - black would be considered 0 LRV and pure white would have an LRV of 100. 
For me both personally and professionally it's great to see colour is being brought into our homes again.  While I still like the idea of keeping the majority of your walls a beautiful neutral, I love to see colour added in interesting and bold ways.  I think when you add colour to your home it showcases your personality.  
While my feature colour this month is Isle of Pines I wanted to show you how to add dark green into your home.
By using dark green as an all over colour in this bedroom it gives the room a luxurious yet cozy feeling.

For those of you who aren't afraid to bring the drama this shade of green can also be very alluring in a powder room.


As I'm sure you've noticed gold and brass fixtures are currently making a come back and this dark, rich green pairs beautifully with those accents.

If you have a home built in the early 2000's chances are pretty good that you have those lighter toned floors with a decidedly yellow undertone.  These darker, rich greens would work beautifully with those floors.  It would also look great if you have the oak baseboards or trim in your home.  Just ensure there is some contrast between the paint colour and your trim, otherwise the trim will just blend into your walls.  

If you like the idea of a dark green but are looking for something a little more subtle Shade- Grown SW 6188 is another beautiful option. It has some brown in it which tones it down a bit but still a rich, dark green.


I recently painted a feature wall in my husband's office using Isle of Pines.  As usual 😏 he doubted my decision (as he loved his navy blue wall) but it's now one of his favourite colours in the house.


Here are some of my colour choices that would style nicely with Isle of Pines or similar paint colour.

 Have you or would you consider painting with a dark green similar to Isle of Pines?

Have a Colourful Day!


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