Fresh Look's Feature Paint Colour for January

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to 2020!  Can you believe we are here already?  I hope you had a great Christmas and a good holiday season.  I'm so excited as we will be leaving soon to head south and get away from winter for a few weeks. 😀 The great news is now that I've taken my business online I can now offer online colour consultations even when we are away!  If you are interested check out my website.
As I've mentioned in my previous blogs there are so many paint colours that I have loved working with over the years, so I've decided to start sharing those colours with you.  Every month I will share a different paint colour and how that colour can be used in your home.  I will also provide colour options that work well with my feature paint colour.  As I generally work with a Sherwin Williams colour palette those are the colours I will be sharing with you. 
Since we are starting a new year (and a new decade 😲)I wanted to start sharing with you some of my favourite neutral paint colours as that is what you've probably used in about 80% of your home.  

For the month of January my featured paint colour is Modern Gray SW 7632.  

I am excited about sharing my favourite neutral paint colours but I want to add a disclaimer 😉 that these colours do NOT work in every situation.  Lighting (interior and exterior) and existing elements in your home are very important things to consider and this may not be the paint colour for you. I will try and give you as much information as possible about Modern Gray.  If you think it might be a good choice for your home PLEASE promise me that you will sample, sample, sample.  
Now back to my feature paint colour for the month of January.

Modern Gray has an LRV of 62 so it's a great all over neutral.  If you aren't familiar with LRV it's an important factor to consider when choosing a paint colour.  LRV refers to how much light that colour reflects back into the room.  A black paint colour would be considered a zero LRV and a pure white would have a LRV of 100.  An all over neutral that has an LRV in the high 50's or low 60's is a good place to start.


One of the many reasons I like working with Modern Gray is that it's a great way to bring an updated colour like gray into your home. It has a lot of beige in it as well so it works with a home that may have existing beige features such as oak trim or hardwood floors with a more yellow undertone.  As I mentioned earlier Modern Gray is a gray paint colour but because it has a lot of beige in it, it reads as a warmer gray.  Just to try and give you an idea of how much beige is in Modern Gray, I will compare it to another popular paint colour - Repose Gray.  Hopefully this will show up okay on your screen (this is computer generated so the actual colour will look different).

If you've followed along on any of my other blogs or any designer you will often hear us refer to the undertone of the paint.  Undertone simply refers to the colour that is underlying the dominant or main colour.  All paints have an undertone - some are just easier to detect than others.  While the undertone is important it can shift depending on the lighting or the finishes that the paint colour is beside.  I say all this to let you know that Modern Gray does have a red undertone.  That red undertone is part of what makes Modern Gray a warmer gray.  Please don't let this scare you away from Modern Gray.  In any situation when I've used this colour it does not read as a pinky gray.  As I've mentioned, just a few times 😇, if you think this might be a good colour for your home, test it with your existing lighting and furnishes.  Make sure when you are testing that you look at it in different lights (meaning in the morning, afternoon and evening).  A lot of my clients shy away from certain paint colours when they can see the undertone.  Undertone is not a bad thing as long as it works with your 
existing undertones.👍


Another reason I like working with Modern Gray is because it has a fairly neutral undertone it works nicely with so many other colours.  Here are just a few options:


I recently helped a client choose paint colours for his home,  the main paint colour we used was Modern Gray and we used Web Gray SW 7075 for the feature colour.  These photos are from the home owner.   I am excited to take some pictures when his place is completely painted.

As you might have noticed Modern Gray looks very different in every photo I've included on this blog.  That is in large part due to the lighting (both interior and exterior).  In addition I don't think pictures really ever do a paint colour justice.😏
Hopefully I've given you enough information to help you decide whether Modern Gray might be a paint colour choice for your home.   

Have a Colourful Day!


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