2021 Color Trends - Part Two

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Thanks for checking out my blog today.  As I mentioned in my previous blog  I want to have a look at the Sherwin Williams Colormix Forecast palettes for 2021 and I'll feature a couple of paint colors from each of those palettes.  The Colormix Forecast is made up of 4 color palettes with a total of 40 hues (each blog will be a different palette).  While I don't subscribe to the notion that your paint colors need to be on trend, I still thought it would be fun to look at where color is going in the next little while - you'll start to notice these colors showing up in home décor and even fashion.  The 2nd palette in the 2021 Colormix Forecast and the one we are looking at today is called Encounter (the source for all this information and photos is Sherwin Williams unless I've stated otherwise).


"Layers of local character — rooted in culture and artisan craft — create an authentic sense of place. The rich but muted hues in this palette convey that heritage quality and the value of simple, meaningful experiences."

Influences for this Palette:

Modern Bohemian
Natural Materials

The ten paint colors that make up this palette are:

There are a few colors from this palette this I use on a regular basis, Natural Tan is a great neutral and of course Naval is one of my favourite navy blue paint colors but today I wanted to showcase a couple colors that may not have been on your radar (we'll learn about these colors together 😉).

Blustery Sky SW 9140

Today I wanted to feature Blustery Sky as this color is on the same paint chip as some other popular blue paint colors ie: Debonair and Stardew.  These are some great blues as they read as a true blue but have gray in them so they are very liveable.  Blustery Sky as an LRV of 22 so it would be considered a medium to darker color.  LRV simply refers to how much light that color reflects back into the room, a pure black would be 0 and pure white 100.  Blustery Sky has a slight green undertone but depending on your lighting and furnishings you may or may not be able to pick it out.  I like pairing darker blues with a clean, crisp white trim - a couple of my favourites are Pure White SW 7005 or High Reflective White SW 7757.  Blustery Sky would be a beautiful exterior colour, or would look great on kitchen cabinets or your front door.  I always like to include pictures to give you an idea of the color but PLEASE keep in mind that the only way to get a true picture of the color is to sample it in your home.  If you don't want paint samples all over your walls, a great option is to get some plastic poster board and paint those and hold them up in your rooms.   I always advise client's to never choose a paint color with it lying on a flat surface, always hold the paint sample up as the color changes dramatically.

Rosemary SW 6187

Rosemary is a rich, deep sage green color (can you tell I'm a fan 😀). The LRV of Rosemary is 14 so it is definitely a dark paint color.  While Rosemary does have a yellow undertone it is not nearly as strong as the sage green I featured on my previous blog - Oakmoss SW 6180 (you can learn more about Oakmoss here).   If you have hardwood floors that have a strong yellow undertone a paint color like Rosemary would look fantastic!  The next two pictures are good examples of how the same color can look quite different depending on lighting and quite often filters are used as well.  Pure White and High Reflective White are two of my "go to" trim colors but something like Alabaster would work well with Rosemary as well, but keep in mind that your trim has to work in all rooms so that's why I like to keep it as neutral as possible.


What do you think of the Encounter palette?  Do you think these colors are a good representation of what's on trend right now?  I'd love to have you join my VIP Facebook group for all things color or if you are looking for an online color consultation please check out my website.

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