2021 Color Trends - Part Three

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Thanks for checking out my blog today.  It looks like we are heading for a deep freeze for awhile, but fortunately we've had a pretty good winter up till now.  Yesterday was such a pretty day but looks like we are not going to see another one for awhile now. 😔

If you've had a chance to check out my previous blogs you'll know that I've been taking a closer look at Sherwin Williams' Colormix Forecast for 2021.  So far we've checked out Sanctuary and Encounter and today we'll have a look at Continuum.  As I've mentioned in my prior blogs, while I don't subscribe to the notion that your home needs to be "on trend", I thought it would be fun to take a look at where the color trends are going for 2021.  Unless I've stated otherwise the source for all this information is Sherwin Williams (including pictures). 


"The optimism and imagination of mid-century modernists inspired designs that reached high into the sky and deep into the sea. This palette of white, charcoal and pops of color celebrates that spirit as it bounds fearlessly into the future."


  • Synthetic + Natural
  • Sea + Space
  • Sculptural Modernism
  • Engineered Environment

This palette is an interesting one for me as it contains both cool and warm colors.  When I talk about warm and cool colors you'll hear other consultants use words such as muddy and clean or other variations.  These terms all means the same thing but for me a warm color refers to a paint color that tends to have more orange, red, ochre and brown tints.  I'm telling you all this 😉 because when putting together a color palette it's important NOT to mix warm and cool colours.  For example you wouldn't want to paint a room Swimming and Cyberspace as you are mixing warm and cool colors and the balance will not feel or look right.  
As with my other blogs I am going to delve a little deeper into a couple of these paint colors.  One of the colors in the Continuum palette I wanted to mention briefly is High Reflective White.  If you are looking for a white paint color with the least amount of undertone HRW is a good option.  It's one I often use when working with existing white exterior windows or when I need to tie in a trim color to existing trim, but the two colors I wanted to take a closer look at today are Crushed Ice and Cyberspace.

Crushed Ice SW 7647

Crushed Ice is a light gray paint color with a purple undertone, I also see a bit of beige in this color which helps warm it up a bit.  I almost hesitate to even talk about undertone as it can look completely different in every space, but I'll mention it as it can make an appearance based on lighting and surrounding finishes.  Crushed Ice has an LRV of 66, LRV refers to how much light a paint color reflects back into a room.  A pure black would have an LRV of zero and a pure white would have an LRV of 100.  Anything in the low to mid 60's makes a good choice for an all over neutral, although this color could definitely wash out if your space has a lot of sunlight throughout the day.  With Crushed Ice being a lighter color it would look beautiful paired with a clean, crisp white such as High Reflective White or another go to for me is Pure White SW 7005.


Cyberspace SW 7076

I always love a deep, rich color and Cyberspace definitely falls into that category!  Cyberspace has a LRV of 6 so it's a very dark color.  Depending on how you see color you may see it as a black but for me it's a very dark gray or charcoal with a blue undertone.  The best way to see a color is to compare to another color - if you compared Cyberspace to a true black like Tricorn Black then I think you'd be able to see the difference.  If you aren't afraid of color Cyberspace would be a beautiful choice for an exterior, kitchen cabinets and of course my favourite, interior doors just to name a few!  My preference is to pair a dark color like Cyberspace with a clean white - again either HRW or Pure White would be a good choice. 


What do you think of the Continuum palette?  Do you think these colors are a good representation of what's on trend right now?  I'd love to have you join my VIP Facebook group for all things color or if you are looking for an online color consultation please check out my website.  For the month of February I am offering a 15% savings on online consultations, use the code Feb15 to receive your discount.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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